Mark Your Milestone

Today we mark the global launch of Latitude – a revolutionary new brand from WD Lab Grown Diamonds, the pioneer in diamond growth technology, and longtime champion of sustainability.

This milestone – a stop along our journey – carries incredible meaning to the team behind Latitude. We are a step ahead in realizing our vision: in creating a diverse, inclusive community and platform that fosters connection between people and planet, reinforcing our bonds while celebrating our differences.

Why Latitude, and why now?

latitude  /ˈlætɪtjuːd/


    • the angular distance of a place north or south of the earth's equator, or of a celestial object north or south of the celestial equator, usually expressed in degrees and minutes
    • scope for freedom of action or thought; freedom to choose what you do or how you do it

      The two meanings of the word ground us, while giving us freedom to be, say, do, love however we imagine. This dichotomy is echoed in the nature of our singular product – how science and art unite to create a new, reimagined symbol of commitment, love, and family (chosen or otherwise).

      Now more than ever, it’s time to reroute the course — with diamonds reflective of a more equitable, beautiful, and sustainable future. We look forward to growing with you.