Mindfulness and Diamond Care

At Latitude, we create diamonds that are made-to-wear, from one milestone moment to another.

To ensure your diamond jewelry shines best in every light and every occasion, we recommend purposeful and dedicated care. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered.

Start with Mindfulness:

The practice of mindfulness allows one to be centered and aware of your feelings in the moment — to be attentive to the space you're moving through, and your physical presence

  • Lean into mindfulness to build a conscious routine of when and where to take your jewelry on/off, ensuring you have a dedicated and safe space set aside

  • This will prevent buildup of oil, debris, and cosmetic residue that could loosen stones and irritate skin, and affords peace of mind (and fewer visits to a professional jeweler)

Set the Stage:

We recommend mindfully setting aside time for regular cleansing of your diamond jewelry. Ensure you're prepared with the following tips.

  • When looking for a non-toxic cleaning solution, off-the-shelf products can make it easy to form a habitual practice

  • If you prefer DIY, you'll rest easy with full transparency into ingredients — many simply mix baking soda and water for an eco-friendly solve

  • Sustainability Pro Tip: Whether you choose off-the-shelf solution or DIY, always look for natural, non-toxic, chemical- and bleach-free solutions, as harsh chemicals can pit metals and weaken settings

  • Always use a soft bristle toothbrush (or jewelry cleaning brush) and soft cloth, preferably cotton (avoid paper towels, they can scratch your setting)

The Step-by Step:

  1. When time to clean your diamond jewelry, prepare a small bowl of warm water

  2. Add your preferred, non-toxic cleaning solution

  3. Soak your jewelry for approximately 20 minutes (or longer if it’s been a while since your last cleaning)

  4. Gently brush on and around the diamond setting, rinse and repeat as necessary

  5. Air dry, wipe with polishing cloth, and that’s it!

A little mindfulness goes a long way in keeping your jewelry ready-to-wear—for today, for always.