SCS-007 Official Certification

The Jewelry Sustainability Standard – Sustainability Rated Diamonds (SCS-007) establishes the world's most stringent benchmark of sustainable accountability, transparency and provenance assurance for the gemstone diamond industry, and is the first unified framework for assessing natural and laboratory grown diamonds. The standard's Chain of Custody provisions are backed by third-party certification that utilizes A.I. enhanced laser ablation testing, which guarantees each diamond's origin with 99% accuracy.

SCS Standards, the non-profit standards development arm of SCS Global Services, facilitated the creation of the Standard through an international, multi-stakeholder consensus process involving diamond producers, retailers, academics and NGOs.

As the first diamond company worldwide to pass the rigorous certification process, we are proud to share an example of an official Latitude SCS-007 Certificate, provided for each certified diamond.

The below Certificate of Accreditation has been awarded to us as both a Producer and Handler of our Certified Sustainability Rated diamonds.  
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